MAY 6 – MAY 8, 2022
Code Breakers hackathon is one of the exciting junctures for tech students to unleash their potential. Code Breakers Hackathon is a 3 days social coding event where people come together to solve some particular real-life problems (challenges), in a friendly and fair competition.






Code Breakers Hackathon is an opportunity for connecting the students/colleges to the professionals/industry where you will get 10 seats for your students from each college will be provided who will be mentored by 2 industry professionals from each company. We are expecting a total of 50 students, 5 colleges, 5 industries in this 3 days hackathon.

With this hackathon, we aspire to act as a liaison between the market-ready aspiring graduates and the booming heavyweights of the industry in Nepal.